Make Confident Decisions with Better Insights

Researchers have access to an abundance of public community data. But trying to make sense of all this information collectively becomes convoluted and overwhelming. Government Performance Action & Learning (GPAL) solved this problem. GPAL partners amassed the nation’s largest public community data set and distilled the complex information down into meaningful indicators. The data points shine light on the quality of life of every single community across the United States. 

Discover Key Indicators for Your Community

Built on rich datasets of verifiable, trustworthy sources and data science methods that can change the future. GPAL gives you information and confidence to take evidence-based decision-making to the next level.

Government Performance Action & Learning called GPAL will be the premier government performance, data analytic, visualization, and action program that helps annual subscribers (public officials) better understand their community.

GPAL will reveal community performance metrics, and the factors that impact them, to optimize resource allocation.

GPAL Simplifies Decision-making

Get data with context. See how your community compares to peers and national trends.

Understand how resident sentiment relates to service delivery and public amenities.

Take strategic planning to the next level with better, more accurate information.

We’re here to help you make data informed decisions. Become a community member today.

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